Finance for Non-Financial Professionals 
4 – Days Workshop
“Over the past 5 years, this workshop has attracted over 500 participants”
In today's competitive business world, firms are under unprecedented pressure to deliver value to their shareholders and other key stakeholders. Senior executives are finding that they need some financial know-how to cope with the responsibility placed on them as decision-makers. Key financial skills are not as difficult to learn as many people believe, and in the hands of an experienced senior executive can provide a formidable competitive advantage. 
Decisions made without properly understanding the financial implications may lead to reduced profits (or even losses) and a reduction in shareholders’ value. 
Build your capability and confidence to use financial data to make better-informed decisions. We demystify finance and accounting in an accessible and relatable way, giving you the basic foundation needed to lead and manage your organization with confidence. Through an engaging combination of practical examples, humor and real-life experiences, you’ll gain invaluable skills in financial decision-making, evaluating investment proposals, understanding financial reports, budgeting and costing.
Key Benefits of Attending
  • Understand key financial and costing terms.
  • Make sense of financial reports.
  • Measure financial performance.
  • Understand core concepts for financing your business.
  • Undertake financial planning and budgeting.
  • Evaluate investment proposals.
  • Evaluate pricing decisions.
  • Understand the role of business finance in formulating and implementing competitive strategy.
  • Raise financial awareness and make more effective decisions.
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