About Us

QFD Institute is a Professional Consultancy, Education and Training provider with a top-notch quality approach to service delivery. 
We respond to students' complex challenges with services that enable them to successfully prepare for their certification exams. 
QFD institute was established with a clear focus to better address the needs of students we serve and bring forward a NEW approach to CMA, CIA , CPA and other Accounting and Auditing courses like no other institute or center in Jordan. 
Today, we align with international educational systems and power our delivery of course through our exclusive instructor Mr. Ahmad Awartani who has a track record of guiding thousands of students in Jordan to successfully pass their certification exams. 
CMA & CIA courses are delivered in partnership with Gliem Learning System which is the world's leader in accounting exams preparation for over 40 years. 
Additionally, we deliver diversified, state of art expertise and contemporary consultancy, training, and coaching sessions on assignment & outsourcing basis for local and regional senior level professionals and enterprises including the following capacities, but not limited to: Accounting & Finance, Financial Management, Audit, and ERP Feasibility Studies.
  • Based on the CMA package selected: 4 month course duration for two parts, around 42 live classes, around 130 tuition hours, around 1,300 study and elaboration slides, around 250 MCQ presented in the class, around 180 selective MCQ in separate classes, in addition to the essay, review, and hints & tips classes – CIA, CPA, and FNF courses have different schemes and specifications.
  • Illustration of real-life examples on related topics, and in an interactive approach.
  • Highly interactive classes that apply learning while working methodology which enables candidates to grasp concept in the class topped with illustration slides for visual and practical effects.
  • Our slides are carefully developed and planned for; some candidates use them instead of books.
  • Simplified language of teaching, in English and Arabic, especially for technical terms.
  • Separate extensive classes for MCQ questions (around 180), other than those presented in normal classes. They are strategically and carefully selected.  
  • Separate extensive classes for essay questions, including hints and tips for dealing with such type of questions.
  • Separate extensive review classes during exams windows, tackling the most frequently asked questions.
  • Separate classes for smart exam-taking hints & tips and recommendations on efficient techniques of learning. 
  • Ongoing support before, during, and after-the-course.
  • Personal counseling and candidate orientation.
  • Top-notch and fully equipped class rooms, comfy, 25 maximum number of candidates in one separate class. Easy and abundant parking. 
  • Availability of personal study spots before and after the class time.
  • Excellent and prestigious candidates’ customer service.
  • Option to register “Separately” for specific section, questions classes, or review classes.
  • Ability to attend one or two free classes as a trial. 
  • 2 “Free Seat” every course for university graduates “Top Achievers”.
  • Offering course packages (A/B/C/D) with affordable fees tailored to all candidates.
  • Flexible payment schemes, cash, credit cards, checks, bills, and on installments.
  • Special rate is given for groups & corporates.
  • Gleim updated original material (2017), slides, and test prep (18 Months Access) – largest test bank available.